Come Join the Fun!

Come Join the Fun!

Tulare County Renaissance Festival is brought to you by the Guild of St. Mortimer, a Tulare County not-for-profit organization. Our goal is to educate people about life during the 16th Century in Europe, particularly England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. To sweeten the deal, we present our educational material in the form of a Renaissance Festival, which we hold every year.

2017 is our 28th year.

We’re all volunteers in this organization. Nobody gets paid for their time or effort. We have meetings, work days and go to other renaissance faires to have fun as a group. The biggest benefit though, to me at least, is the pride I have knowing that I’ve helped bring something really cool to the people of Tulare County.

Many of our vendors sell wares that they have made themselves, everything from soap and body products to jewelry to swords. Our stage acts perform live- you might even be called to go up on stage with some of them. The jousters really hit each other with solid lances. I’ve been on the sidelines during some of the jousts and you can’t get any more real than these guys do. The members of the guilds which populate our shire spend much time making gorgeous outfits and developing their characters before they even come to faire. They do research and try to make the presentation both¬†historically accurate AND entertaining as reasonably possible.

If you’ve never been to our faire before, I want to extend an invitation to you to see what all the fuss is about. Come and have fun with us. If you’ve visited us before, great! We’ve got some really cool things planned for 2017. I’m not going to spoil the surprises and tell you everything we’re working on- but if you follow us, you’ll get to peek behind the curtain and see what we’re building.